For more than 55 years, we have served our client's unique insurance needs.
Attorneys/Bonds & Closing Binders

Attorneys and law firms rely on Sano Brokerage to comprehensively select court bonds to manage various risks.

We provide responsive, knowledgeable assistance bolstered by extensive experience and expertise to meet the legal profession’s special bonding requirements.

Auto/Vehicle Garages

Sano Brokerage provides the highest quality customer service and effective solutions tailored to our auto garage clients’ insurance needs.

As an independent broker, we have access to many leading insurance companies that write policies for garages. We can offer a comprehensive insurance program for your garage operation. 

Building/Condo Management

Property owners are responsible for preserving their property and neighborhoods while protecting tenants, guests, and the public from harm. Owners and managers must regularly evaluate their risks to determine potential liabilities and financial loss, then adjust their insurance coverage accordingly.

Sano Brokerage can offer competitive quotes on real estate exposures.

commercial vehicles
Commercial Vehicles

At Sano Brokerage, we offer insurance coverage for commercial vehicles. 

As an independent broker, we work closely with various major insurance carriers and can develop a policy that best suits your business.

Clothing Store

Clothing Stores face extremely dynamic risks every day. At SANO Brokerage, we offer solutions that enable contractors of all types to manage these risks.

We provide general liability and umbrella plans for clothing stores.

Wholesale Distribution

All wholesalers must balance their time and resources between their suppliers, customers, and goods.

We can provide a competitive package policy for wholesalers.


It is our business to know the contracting industry, and that’s why Sano Brokerage can deliver thorough and effective insurance coverage tailored expressly to each manufacturer’s specific operations.

As a customer of Sano Brokerage, we offer product flexibility to provide the protection you need to meet your company’s unique insurance needs.

product distribution
Product Distribution

Product distributors are constantly pressured to target cost reductions and build efficiencies into their operations. They must manage multiple healthcare and workers’ compensation risks and the significant financial exposure of handling manufactured goods and/or raw materials.

As an independent broker, we can access a wide variety of major insurance carriers to offer specialty insurance programs and services that best suit your distribution firm.


We can help you save money and protect your business with one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective restaurant insurance packages in the New York Metropolitan area.

For more  than 55 years, SANO BROKERAGE has catered to restaurant owners’ unique needs. 

Let us help you reduce your operating costs while protecting your business

Retail Stores

The retail industry is growing into a global network. Retail businesses face huge production tasks and increasing global competition, and they must also please their customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices.


At Sano Brokerage, we provide  insurance coverage for various industries and businesses — we can’t name them all. Even if you don’t see your type of business listed.

Please contact us for a competitive quotation.