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Sano Brokerage: About Us

Founded in 1965, the family owned and operated Sano Brokerage Company has since grown into a multi-coverage insurance agency operating in New York, New Jersey & Florida.

We service small to large commercial customers.  We also offer a wide variety of personal insurance plans to serve individuals seeking to protect themselves and their families.

Because we are experienced in all lines of commercial and personal insurance, you benefit from our intimate knowledge of the industry needs, a comprehensive range of insurance products and long-term relationships with virtually all major carriers.

We are committed to benefiting our customers by providing innovative, progressive insurance solutions, quality products at competitive prices and reliable personal service.

At Sano brokerage, we give you big broker experience with local broker flexibility -- all supported by our deep professional knowledge and expertise to meet your immediate and future insurance needs.

Santo Lombardozzi - President

  • Santo Lombardozzi, who founded Sano Brokerage in 1965, benefits clients and the company itself with his extensive experience in all facets of commercial and personal insurance. He oversees the agency's growth and business strategies and supervises the organization's general operations.

Dominic Lombardozzi - Underwriting Manager

  • Dominic Lombardozzi's extensive technical knowledge of many types of insurance enables him to select the most appropriate products to suit each client's particular coverage needs.

    He is responsible for the agency's daily internal operations and has been with Sano Brokerage for more than 20 years.

Stephen Lombardozzi - Underwriter

  • Stephen Lombardozzi's responsibilities include customer service and identifying and assessing new commercial and personal insurance products.


    We'll develop
    the most effective
    insurance program
    for your business.

    He applies this information to the evaluation of new customers' needs as well as to the re-evaluation and updating of existing account information, such as clients' policy coverage limits.

    Since joining Sano Brokerage some ten years ago, his knowledge and application of customer relations has proven invaluable to the agency's growth.

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